Saturday, June 18, 2011

Word of the Day (And a Little More)

Since Ashley doesn't usually get up until around 12:30 on the weekends, the word of the day has come in a little it's more like the word of the afternoon.

Today she has chosen...

ebullient (adj)- overflowing with fervor or enthusiasm; high spirited

Now...go use it in a sentence!

Today Ashley and I don't have much planned... other than cleaning our room. At the moment she is making tea for her breakfast/lunch. (I have been awake since 10:00) It is looking like a beautiful day here in Folsom. Hot, of course, but beautiful.

Just as a reminder to all those who have been reading our blog, (I am very happy to report that our blog has reached to places such as Canada, Thailand, Australia, and Germany!) if it is something that interests you, please become a follower! We want to know what is on everyone's mind. It's easy and it would help out a lot!

Here's a quote that Ashley and I found to be funny. We caught it while watching Spongebob Squarepants with our nephews...

"That which does not kill you, usually succeeds in the second attempt." -Mr. Krabs
Hardly inspirational, we know, but we figured it would make you laugh.

Much Love,

Sam and Ash

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