Friday, December 9, 2011

Down Home Sounds

Most people have not heard of the band that provides the song of the day. I just recently discovered them, but Ashley has had their music on her phone for awhile. They are called 'The Civil Wars' and they are a combination of blue grass, rock and country. I think everyone will enjoy them.

Happy listening!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Thing-a-mabobs

So today I don't just have one item for my pick of the day post. I found a few things that I just couldn't resist to post up right away. The shop that I am posting from is called 'Wildflower Vintage' that is owned my two girls, Lindsay and Emily. Their shop is pretty new, but so far everything that they have for sale is adorable.

This milkshake ornament caught my eye. It's so adorable! I want it right now to hang on my Christmas tree. Don't you agree?

I love this vintage earring case. I would definitely use it in my travels!

Lastly, this hat got my attention. I am obsessed with hats that have netting on them. I would wear one everyday if I could without looking a little strange. I love the color on this one!

To see their entire shop, go to this link: Wildflower Vintage

I hope everyone enjoyed these items! What does everyone else think? Aren't these 'gotta have 'em' items?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This Is How We Decorate

We've been little elves this evening. Bringing out all the Christmas tubs full of ornaments, garlands, and snowman statues. I always love how a living room lights up when there is a Christmas tree in the corner while a warm fire crackles away in the fireplace. There are a few ornaments that I especially like that are on the tree.

This one I bought in the Christmas shop at Disney World as a present for my mom. She loves anything and everything snowmen. What could be cuter than a snowman with Mickey Mouse ears?

This one is actually a handmade ornament. It's a seashell snowman! My grandma gave me the idea for it and we sat down and made them one day. The shells are covered in glitter and then glued on top of each other. Of course, you couldn't make a snowman without his top-hat and scarf! I think he's adorable. I love handmade stuff.

This is the other one's twin brother. :)

Even our little cat, Molly is interested in decorating!

Here's the tree... still has a little work left to do!

How is everyone else's decorating going? Are you already finished?

Merry Christmas! :)

Tastes Like Pork and Beans

Today the song that I have chosen is one that I particularly like. I've always thought that it would make a really good road trip song. If you like bluegrass and country music, then I'm sure you will enjoy it. It's by Old Crow Medicine Show, and it's called "Down Home Girl". I hope everyone enjoys is as much as we do. :)

Happy Listening!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Christmas! (Circa 1940's)

Does anyone remember what Christmas used to be like? It would be hard to imagine with days like Black Friday where crazed women run around with pepper spray close at hand to ward off any person who dare try to take the last Tickle Me Elmo from the toy shelf at Walmart. People will literally ignore a dying man on the floor while saving a few cents to buy their bratty children all the things that they supposedly 'need'. Honestly, it angers me. While of course both Ashley and I are much too young to remember what Christmas was like before the 1980's, it is still nice to hear stories from relatives about what it used to mean... family, love, and giving. That's why every year I stride towards creating a "vintage" Christmas. 

My Grandmother sent me an email with a bunch of old photos, and the one that really caught my eye was this one:

The little girl is my grandma, with her parents on either side. My grandma always told me that her mother would put one piece of tinsel on the tree at a time. Isn't it beautiful? This picture is probably from 1943 or 1944. This picture makes me want to go back!

Much love and blessings this Christmas for everyone who reads this! I hope that everyone has a home to be at and family to love this season. :)

Who doesn't love lace?

It's feminine, delicate, and oh so romantic. I have always loved lace. Some people don't really have a taste for it, but I could never really get enough of it. So that is why today my fashion find is an all lace blouse from the 1930's. It's from the shop Dear Golden on etsy. Her shop is filled with tons of authentic items that are of course vintage. She also has a lot of hats...which I love. As always, a link to the item and the shop are located underneath the picure.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't be scared of the name...

I'm sure this is the moment you all have been waiting for... the return of Ashley's song of the day. This evening, she chose a song by the band "Deer Tick". The song is called "Dance of Love". Link for the song is under the picture. :)

Dance your hearts out!

It's Back! Fashion Pick of the Day!

Staying true to our roots, I have chosen our Fashion Pick of the Day from an shop. I love promoting these little shops. The people on there work very hard to collect or create their items and to maintain their online shop. :)

Today, I have a dress from the shop bonnechancevintage. It's and adorable 60's style that really caught my eye. The shop is quite new, so I'd love to help them get the word out there... especially since the dresses are so adorably vintage. ( The link to the dress and store will be found beneath the picture)

Enjoy everyone! :)

And alas, there is life after coma.

Could it be?


That we are back? For good this time?

I was shocked/ horrified when I saw my last post was in July. It's now the first of December. I went from Summer to the Holiday season without writing! How could I??

Well, I'm here to tell you that I am back. WE are back. It's hard to believe that last time I typed on this blog, the sun was still scorching and I was struggling to keep myself from overheating. Now, my feet are frozen and I spend the day in a fleece blanket. To all those who followed us, I apologize for the absence. I hope that everyone hasn't pulled the plug on us yet... there was still life to be had in our humble blog!

I promise that more posts are yet to come... music and fashion to ease your ears and eyes!