Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This Is How We Decorate

We've been little elves this evening. Bringing out all the Christmas tubs full of ornaments, garlands, and snowman statues. I always love how a living room lights up when there is a Christmas tree in the corner while a warm fire crackles away in the fireplace. There are a few ornaments that I especially like that are on the tree.

This one I bought in the Christmas shop at Disney World as a present for my mom. She loves anything and everything snowmen. What could be cuter than a snowman with Mickey Mouse ears?

This one is actually a handmade ornament. It's a seashell snowman! My grandma gave me the idea for it and we sat down and made them one day. The shells are covered in glitter and then glued on top of each other. Of course, you couldn't make a snowman without his top-hat and scarf! I think he's adorable. I love handmade stuff.

This is the other one's twin brother. :)

Even our little cat, Molly is interested in decorating!

Here's the tree... still has a little work left to do!

How is everyone else's decorating going? Are you already finished?

Merry Christmas! :)


  1. Love the seashell snowmen! They look so professional. My homemade ornaments look homemade. Not always a bad thing, but sometimes . . . .

    We haven't even started decorating inside. The outside is a fairyland of white mini lights, but that's as far as it's gotten. Better get busy!

  2. I have not decorated yet. This week, I should be able to. Well wait... does a rug on the front porch count? LOL

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  3. Is your snowman made out of sea urchins? What a cute idea! I love snowmen too.

  4. Yep! I know I love them... I want to make more!

  5. Your tree looks beautiful & your home so warm & lovely. Love the seashell ornaments too - how clever - and how fun to have a grama to share things like this with. Oh, and Molly does look verry interested! I used to not be able to put ornaments on the bottom of the tree because of a basset hound that had a great fasination for them. I'm just getting started on decorating inside. Got the tree yesterday & put the lights on. Even with just the lights it's so pretty & really get's me in the spirit. Doing the rest today.

  6. Hi there! Haven't started yet - we don't do the tree until the Sunday before Christmas: that way, we don't get tired of the decorations.

    Saw you on Blogging Buddies team post today, and am going to follow you, as I hope you'll do to me. You can find me at, where I post about how I make, mend and otherwise create soft toys and then try to sell them via Hope you'll try them, and look forward to seeing you there! Cheers. Isobel

  7. Ohh i love the ornaments. The tree is beautiful.

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