Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Thing-a-mabobs

So today I don't just have one item for my pick of the day post. I found a few things that I just couldn't resist to post up right away. The shop that I am posting from is called 'Wildflower Vintage' that is owned my two girls, Lindsay and Emily. Their shop is pretty new, but so far everything that they have for sale is adorable.

This milkshake ornament caught my eye. It's so adorable! I want it right now to hang on my Christmas tree. Don't you agree?

I love this vintage earring case. I would definitely use it in my travels!

Lastly, this hat got my attention. I am obsessed with hats that have netting on them. I would wear one everyday if I could without looking a little strange. I love the color on this one!

To see their entire shop, go to this link: Wildflower Vintage

I hope everyone enjoyed these items! What does everyone else think? Aren't these 'gotta have 'em' items?


  1. those are some pretty unique items for sure. the ornament is just precious. thanks for sharing a real gem of a shop. anyway, stopping by and following you from bloggin buddies. would love to see you over at my blog:

  2. Darling items especially the ornament! I totally agree with you about the hats - Love em! I would wear hats everyday too if I could. Unfortunately, UNlike you, I look like a dork with anything on my head so I admire from afar. I would have been SO out of fashion in the great days of hat fashion :- (