Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Left My Heart In San Francisco: Lend Me Your Questions

Ashley and I are taking a trip to San Francisco this weekend. Oh to be in the Foggy City. It might not be as big as New York City, but that just means it fits better in our hearts, right? I can't imagine having lived life without having seen the sunset from the Wharf, taken a white knuckled stroll through the Tenderloin, or watching the busy streets slowly fall asleep during the dead of night.

Ashley hasn't seen much of the City. (We people from the Bay Area fondly refer to our city as The City) So thats why I am so excited for this weekend. I will have the chance to show her why I fell in love with the city in the first place.

So... what should we do? For any of you that know the city very well, tell me what you think Ashley should she. What should we eat? What should we take pictures of? We want to know.

Much Love,

Ash and Sam

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