Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fashion Pick of the Day (And Why I Love Summer)

I think most people appreciate summer. The endless sunshine, clear blue skies, and of course, warm summer nights. But there is another reason that I love summer. It finally gives me a chance to wear all of those adorable outfits bought such a long winter ago. I love walking out the door into the summer heat wearing my favorite florals and bright summer dresses.

This makes me want to go to Hawaii!

All this talk of Summer fashion brings me to our Fashion pick of the day, and it comes from the site, The designer makes accessories that are to die for, especially the little rose stud earrings and bobby pins! But what I have chosen today is her oversized rose ring, and I think you will agree when I say it's irresistible.

Here's the link:

Happy shopping everyone!

Much Love,
Ash and Sam

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