Thursday, January 19, 2012

We've Set Up Shop!

Now don't get too excited, as there is only a few items posted, but, we are officially open for business! There are currently 4 items for sale with more to come!

Don't worry about the blog...just because we have a shop doesn't mean we won't be keeping up with it! Thank you so much for everyone who has kept up in reading our blog and has supported us! We hope you enjoy the shop and that one of our items catches your eye.

The link to our shop:

ArtyandJo on Etsy

Oh and btw, just as a special for my blog readers, use the coupon code VINTAGE20 to receive 20% off your purchases. :)

Feel free to critique us as well! We need all the help we can get.

-Sam and Ash


  1. Love the banner on your Etsy shop. Looks great!

  2. Love your banner! And if I were a "slim" kinda girl I'd be ordering up that LBD! Scrumptious! I would like to make a suggestion that another (very sweet) Etsy shop owner gave to me & that is the use of important words in your item titles - for example - Neiman Marcus in the title line for that dress. That brand is an attention getter! Era's are important too, like Mid-century, atomic, victorian, etc. I'm still a rank newby myself but I think she's right about wording in those titles. Great start-up ladies!
    P.S. For some reason I'm not able to see others comments on this blog. Is there something I need to know???

  3. Thanks everyone! I did go in an change the name of the dress... thank you for the idea!

    I'm not sure why the comments are invisible. They are there but the letters are white and I have to highlight them to read them. I have to go fix it haha.

  4. Good for you! It's okay to start small, when you think about it. You get a grasp on how much work you can do, and what amount you can handle while keeping a pace that allows the business to grow.

    Give it time, and you'll grow bigger and better!
    -Clint Shaff