Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back From the Dead (With Pictures)


It has certainly been awhile. You know how is goes, you take one little break and then bam.... one day turns into two weeks.

But, never fear, we have returned, with pictures of our San Francisco adventures!

We started off our first day with a visit to the Cheesecake Factory that sits on top of the Macy's in Union Square, which of course is never a bad decision. Ashley ordered the Three Cheese Pasta, I got the chicken club.


And since you have yet to see the faces of this blog, we thought we would grace you with our presence.



This is our view off the top of the building, from where we were eating.

We then returned to our hotel to change our clothes and of course take pictures of ourselves. Remember our very first fashion pick of the day? It was a rose ring from onceuponapeony on Well in these pictures, the rose earrings that we are wearing belong to her shop, and I must say, they are quite adorable.

 Later on that day, after a much needed nap, we took to the streets to get a little shopping done, and what would a shopping trip be without a visit to Anthropologie?

Their stuff is so irresistable.... but don't expect to get out of their without spending a penny or two. ;)

Ashley and I were very excited to visit the Britex fabric store, and we were so relieved when we finally found it. But much to our dismay, Britex was closed. *Sniff *sniff.

Later that night, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of city life from our Super 8 Motel room.

Anyways, there was a little taste of our trip to the Foggy city, and we hope you enjoyed it. :)

Much Love,

Ash and Sam

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  1. You girls are beautiful, and you make my earrings look fabulous! Thanks so much for the shout out :)